Competency Based Interviews. Careers at United Nations.


Competency based interviews are frequently used by UN through a wide range of means: video-conference, skype and even phone ones. This is because: Past experiences are the very best indicator for future experiences. Therefore, you must prepare a set of examples of real life experiences where you performed this competences.


All UN organizations has values and competences that mostly are the same:


VALUES: Profesionalism, Integrity, Respect for Diversity.



CORE COMPETENCES: Working with people, Communication, Result Orientation….



LEADERSHIP COMPETENCES: Vision, Leadership, Managing performance, Building Trust, etc.



WHEN PREPARING FOR AN INTERVIEW: familiarize yourself with the competences stated in the vacancy announcement. This competences has indicators for expected behaviours for each competence. You must find examples for each one. You can use at this point the framework CAR (L), that helps you to structure examples the best possible way:














F.e. If you were wasked a time when you were working in a team, you will describe the context in which that team was composed, your role in that team, describe some of the actions you took whitin the team and results of the actions in the overall goal of the team. You might then be asked about learnings: this is your opportunity to show how past experiences helps you to perform future performances. More info: “At yout interview”.



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